What is GcMAF "Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor"

GcMAF is a revolutionary breakthrough in immunotherapy. The active ingredients in GcMAF deliver crucial elements for the body to stay healthy, looking young and most importantly to prevent and fight against disease, illness and other unwanted physical conditions.

GcMAF works by mediating the immune system and acting against malignant cells and pathogens within the body. It can help drastically improve the body’s natural defence mechanism against infectious diseases, immune disorders and cancer.

Health issues often occur when viruses and foreign cells (e.g. cancer) produce an enzyme called Nagalase that suppresses the production of the body’s own supply of elements. When this happens the body is often rendered defenseless against infections and an unhealthy proliferation of cells may begin to occur. These same surpressed elements are scientifically embedded within our unique GcMAF formula to restore normalcy to the the body. Furthermore the active ingredients in GcMAF also bind with Vitamin D to activate, regulate and expand the body's natural macrophages to help become cytotoxic to tumours, viruses and other pathogens.

The active ingredients in GcMAF are then recognised by macrophages as the signal to become phagocytic. When this occurs they consume approximately 15 times the amount of re-introduced elements in GcMAF compared to their deficient inactive state. The re-introduction of these active ingredients helps regulate, prevent and fight against disease as well as a plethora of other physical health benefits deriving from the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other elements in the GcMAFplus unique formula. These all play a significant to role to not only help in the recovery from disease or illness but to also promote general health, wellbeing and even anti-aging properties.

GcMAF is not only a proactive course of action if you become sick, but it is also a preventative mechanism to help keep you healthy, internally regulated and even has the added benefit to help keep you looking younger.

GcMAF is a far more powerful molecule than thought, both in terms of the science, and doctors’ results. In stage 4 cancer, some doctors who use the full protocol, are saving almost every patient (if they have not had chemotherapy.) Success can be achieved with all tumour cancers including breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic and melanoma.

GcMAF can eradicate chronic inflammation and viral infections. It is better than antibiotics in many areas, and 25% successful with Autism, 50% or more with Chronic Herpes, Chronic Acne, Chronic cirrhosis of the liver, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic depression, Colitis, Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Herpes, LMBBS, ME/CFS, Osteoporosis, Periodontal disease, Psoriasis and various types of Immune dysfunction including allergies. Research shows GcMAF can halt deterioration in Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and ALS, and in its role of immune system regulator, can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. And is effective with wound healing. Its successful with tumour cancers, and some others.

Your body’s own internal medicine

Your GcMAF empowers your body to cure itself. In a healthy person your own GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Amongst these it acts as a “director” of your immune system. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents production of your GcMAF: that stops its 11 beneficial effects, and neutralises your immune system. So diseases become chronic, and cancer cells grow unchecked. Minutes after a receiving a dose, 10 of the body’s actions restart. In three weeks of GcMAF treatment, your immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength. You need three doses a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers, a week and a year for stage 4 cancers. Your body then takes the disease down without side effects.

In addition to rebuilding a depressed immune system, GcMAF:

  1. Inhibits angiogenesis – stops blood supply to tumours
  2. Activates macrophages – phagocytosis and destruction of cancer cells
  3. Apoptosis – suicide of cancer cells
  4. Reverts the cancer cell phenotype to normal (Turns cancer cells into healthy cells)
  5. Reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells in culture.
  6. Increases energy production at the mitochondrial level – ME/CFS
  7. Improves human neuronal metabolic activity through cAMP signaling – autism, ME/CFS, MS, ALS
  8. Counters toxic effects including cadmium – ME/CFS
  9. It abolishes neuropathic pain due to neuro-oxidative stress (stress due to the anti-cancer drug oxaliplatin) in the lab. (neurodegenerative diseases and autism that have oxidative stress as a pathogenetic mechanism)
  10. It increases neuronal connectivity by promoting differentiation and the formation of dendrites and neuritis (autism and ME/CFS, where there is a lack of connectivity between neurons).